Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life Ain't for Sissy's

This morning I took my mom in for her radiation treatment. She goes in with no complaints every morning, gets zapped and then goes on with her daily crossword puzzles and reading of a book that my wife lends her. Today, as I waited for her, I thought about all that she has had to endure and continues to go through. Surgeries, doctor visits, chemo, radiation, being tired, the leaky roof, the leaky basement, drivers side window won't go up or down in her car, mold in the basement, pay the bills, computer problems, death of her mom and dad, death of her brother, death of her husband, death of her aunt, death of her close friend Jan Meadow, the list goes on. I guess its just like anyone elses list on what happens in life. Anytime I ask her about how she's doin' she says "life aim't for sissy's, life ain't for sissy's son".
, Later on this afternoon, I got out to the farm to knock out a few of my chores. As I walked through the garden I found that deer had eaten all of my organic strawberry plants, corn on the eastside of the field had been mowed down, most of my sunflowers had been eaten by geese, Potato beetles were on a few tomato plants, and one tractor was broke down with a bad fuel pump. All meaningless as compared to what my mom has to go through. Just a day in the life for any old farmer, and yet, I would be lieing to you if didn't confess that I cussed, kicked the dirt, threw my hat, looked up into the sky and asked "why"?

I got no answer.

I doubt that answer will ever make it to my ear.

Tonight on the way home in my truck, I thought about my mom.

"life ain't for sissy's,
life ain't for sissy's son".
I really can't think of anything closer to the truth.


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